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Alkalino Purifier
ALKAVIDA offers Systems and Natural Products for the Health and Welfare of you and your Family
1.Alkaline water absorbed through drinking water
2. Production of Alkaline water
3. Abundant production of Oxygen and Hydrogen
4. Bacteria barrier

Alkaline Water
The 'Alkaline System" has proven better
purification than other acidic purifiers
The vision of AlkaVida is to provide every home an Alkaline water Purifier
 " Improving Lives".

Water rich in minerals and plenty of Oxygen.
Raises the PH in your body improving health conditions and giving all his well-being in a short time. Preventing some diseases caused by the acidification such as diabetes, arthritis,fatigue, high blood pressure, cancer, diarrhea, among others.*

        IMPORTANT:This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.                                Website designed by Henry Alvarado © 2009
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You control the quality of water you Drink!
The taste of purity in a waterdrop of wisdom.

First Alkaline Water Purifier that Promotes
Healthy Living
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